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More valuable video.

Publishers can earn more from video on their own site than from YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Our managed technology platform generates more valuable video views across each site we manage and delivers insane additional revenue for our clients.

For every site we manage we offer a minimum financial guarantee in return.

Your own site.

Earn more money from your own site with very little effort in return. We have optimised every part of the video stack to keep your viewers pressing play. With the Play Inc. platform you can start earning extra revenue straight away.

More valuable ads.

Our technology platform delivers more valuable ads. We send advertisers richer context about your videos which generates you more money in return. We can integrate with your ad stack or use our own optimised infrastructure.

Managed for you.

Choose the parts of your site you want managing. We can work with your existing tech and ad teams or run everything for you. Whatever you choose, we will work closely with you to get the most out of your videos.

Play Inc. in action.

Do you create awesome videos? Get your own managed video site and earn insane additional revenue with very little effort in return. Check out an example of the Play Inc. platform in action below...

Tech benefits.

Your own website Use proven technology that brings viewers to your site and keeps them pressing play.
Custom page designs Keep your own site on-brand while running our platform under the hood.
JW Player at the core Fast and reliable video delivery. Unlock the benefits of the world’s most powerful video player.

Business benefits.

More valuable ads Our bespoke technology platform delivers more valuable ads so you earn more from every video.
Flexible ad stack Either run your own ad stack through our technology platform or use our optimised stack.
GDPR compliance Integration between our CMP and ad server ensures your site is fully GDPR compliant.
Business reporting Monitor your monthly revenue and traffic, down to which videos are earning you the most money.

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We offer a minimum financial guarantee for each client we onboard.
The first step is for one of our experts to run a video audit for you. Find out what you could be earning now:

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